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Talkatone Burner

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2017 03:15PM PDT
Talkatone Burner

Talkatone has always been a popular second or backup line solution. But what if just having a second line is not enough and you need additional privacy?


There are a lot of good reasons to not hand out your personal phone number.


Perhaps you're buying or selling items online, managing a short-term rental, or online dating. Or maybe you are tired of those fraudulent calls from unknown numbers? It is good idea to have a temporary number which will provide an additional layer of privacy. No more unwanted calls!


With Talkatone Burner you get a new phone number each time you ‘burn’ your previous one. It’s the same experience you’re familiar with: chose an area code and then pick a number you like. When you change your number all your information stays with your account. Just let your friends know you have a new number.


So, how do you burn?. Go to the Settings screen and find the flame button next to your phone number. Notice the red badge with “1” in it — that means your first number burn is on us! So go ahead and tap the flame. This will prompt the Burn a Number screen where you can tap the “Burn Now” button to use your free burn. If you need to burn more numbers, they are just $0.99 each.



When you burn your first number, tell your friends about your experience and invite them to use Talkatone with you. Remember when someone is joining using your invitation, you both receive cool rewards from us!

Please note that we only offer US & Canada area codes. It is our intention to be able to provide phone numbers for all relevant US & Canada area codes, which are available for most areas. Unfortunately, some area codes will not be available due to lack of inventory.

Video Tutorial 

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