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Last Updated: May 16, 2016 12:31PM PDT
Talkatone group chat is intended for groups where all users are on Talkatone. If you wish to have group conversations with people outside of Talkatone, please check out Group MMS
Creating a group:

Open Talkatone and tap on the Messages tab. On the Messages screen, tap on the New Message icon (top right).

Enter the name or phone number of the first person you wish to invite to the group. Add more people by typing their phone number or name, or add them from your Contacts list by pressing the "+" button on the right. Contacts who are using Talkatone are marked in blue or with the Talkatone icon. People who are not on Talkatone yet are currently not available for group chat. Sending the first message creates the group. 
Messaging a group:

Once the group is created, you can send further text or pictures as you normally would in regular messaging or SMS.

Your group messages are always shared with all members of the group. Likewise, you will see all group messages sent by other group members to the group. You will not see group messages sent before you joined the group or after you leave a group.
Managing a group:

When in a group chat, at the top right of the screen, select the "i" button (iOS) or the "Group Details" option in the Android menu (Android) to open the Group Information screen.
If you created the group, you will automatically be its administrator (Admin). Only the current Admin can invite new members to the group and discharge members (by swiping left on their name in the Group Information screen). In addition, the Admin can change the group name and set an avatar picture for the group (top of the Group Information screen).
Leaving a group:

To leave a group, tap on the Group Information screen and scroll down to the "Leave group chat" option.
When the current Admin leaves the group chat, they will no longer be Admin. A new Admin will be assigned, typically based on who was the longest in this group chat. Talkatone will tell you who will become Admin if you, the current Admin, leaves and ask you to confirm. When the last person in the group leaves the group chat, the group is no longer available.

If you have any further questions about this, contact us here.
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