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Receiving calls and texting

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2013 10:04PM UTC
​Receiving Inbound Calls and Texting: (Only Available in the US)
Receiving inbound calls (and sending/receiving texts) requires getting a free Google Voice Number if you don't already have one. Your Google Voice number will also be your Talkatone number and when you make calls or send texts from Talkatone, the calls/texts will come from your Google Voice number. When people call your Google Voice number you can decide where to receive the calls (in Talkatone or another phone line). Once you've set up Google Voice, see the "Google Voice Settings" section at the bottom of this article. 
  1. In order to receive calls, you need to get a free Google Voice number by logging in with your gmail account at through a computer browser.
  2. Accept Google Voice's terms and click on Proceed. (see picture below) If you don't see the picture below when you log in you have likely partly activated Google Voice and you should find a link to the left on the page that says Get a Google Voice Number, click on it and proceed.

  3. When you set up Google Voice, you have the option of paying to port your existing mobile number over to Google Voice or being assigned a new number (free). We suggest that you get assigned a new number since this option is free and doesn't risk that you have to break any long term cell phone contracts that you've signed. (see picture below)

  4. Google Voice requires you to add a forwarding phone. The number you enter here will be the number called in the next step to verify that you are a valid user, so make sure you enter a phone number of a phone that you have access to right now, and that it is able to send DTMF tones (i.e. phone is able to handle phone services where you have to press 1 to do this or press 2 to do that etc.).  (see picture below)

  5. Press Call me now when you are ready to take the call  (see picture below)

  6. Answer the call on your phone and enter the code as instructed by Google. You will now get to select a Google Voice Number. Most users find it best to search for a specific area code or city. (see picture below)

  7. Select the number that will be your Google Voice/Talkatone Number and click Continue (see picture below)

  8. Congratulations! You now have a Google Voice Number, press Finish to conclude. We suggest that you activate Google Voice's spam filter to prevent spam calls and texts. You should be prompted to do that once the registration process is done (see picture below)

Google Voice Settings​:
Receiving inbound calls in Talkatone sometimes requires adjusting a Google Voice Setting
  1. After you've set up Google Voice, go to your Google Voice settings:
  2. Check the box labeled “Forward Calls to Google Chat.” This means that whenever someone calls your Google Voice number or responds to your Talkatone call, you will receive the call on your mobile phone via Talkatone. This way, you won’t use cellphone minutes or incur any cell charges.
  3. Uncheck the box for your mobile phone. Note that if you forward calls to both your Google Chat AND your mobile phone number, your mobile phone will ring twice (once in the Talkatone app and once via the native phone). It's better to only check the "forward to Google chat" box and receive calls on your mobile via Talkatone (which is free and does not use cell minutes).

If you have any further questions about this, contact us here.
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